Bill Eddy’s Sociopaths Webinar (Part 1 of 2)

Bill Eddy’s book, Splitting, was by far the most helpful book we found in navigating one’s way through a high conflict divorce. It was pivotal in finally finishing off Chris’ own three-year legal battle. Eddy, a lawyer and former social worker, recently hosted a two-part webinar titled “Sociopaths: the Con

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Accepting That Your Partner is Actually Your Adversary

Imagine you’re a veteran CIA agent, part of the Russian counterintelligence unit. One day, you show up to your office and learn that your closest colleague - someone you’ve known for twenty years - has been apprehended after it was learned that he was a Russian mole. Your mind reels

Avoiding Ineffective Solutions

If your marriage or serious relationship has become strained, you and your partner may consider couples counseling. There’s no doubt that a good therapist can help otherwise healthy couples work through issues that are giving them trouble. But if your partner is an abuser, it’s a completely different story, and

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Healing the Body After Emotional Abuse

With Dr. Leslie Myers | Stacy Brookman Emotional Recovery Summit After being in an emotionally abusive relationship, there are things we know we must do to heal our brains and hearts. But what we might not realize is that being in such a toxic situation also takes its toll on our

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