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There are 33 questions in the quiz, and no right or wrong answers. Think carefully about each answer.

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Did your relationship with your partner get serious very quickly, and almost seem “too good to be true”?
Does your partner make you feel like nothing you do is ever good enough?
Does your partner react to criticism with disproportionate anger?
Do you find yourself “walking on eggshells” to avoid setting your partner off?
Does your partner project their own traits onto others, including you?
Does your partner express unjustified fear that you will be cheat on him/her?
Is your partner excessively focused on his/her accomplishments, social status, possessions, etc.?
If you have a crisis in your life, does your partner focus more on how it affects him/her?
Does your partner relish being the center of attention?
Does your partner seem to feel that the world “owes” them something?
Have your partner’s prior relationships, including both work and personal life, ended badly?
Does your partner lack, close, healthy long-term relationships in his/her life?
Does your partner undermine the other close relationships in your life?
Does your partner belittle your friends and family members?
Does your partner lack trust in others?
Does your partner claim that he/she was a victim of abusive or neglectful treatment in the past (such as by parents, exes, or former co-workers)?
If you have children, does your partner seem more focused on how their accomplishments appear than on who they are as people?
Does your partner make you doubt yourself?
Does your partner act like he/she is more capable than you when making decisions?
Does your partner feel like nobody understands him/her or that he/she is “on a different level” than other people?
Does your partner claim to be the recipient of frequent romantic or sexual advances?
Does your partner claim that others adore him/her?
Does your partner frequently cancel plans at the last minute?
Does your partner ruin events that are important to you?
Does your partner tell you that others are saying negative things about you?
Have you worried about your partner committing suicide?
Does your partner react badly if you don’t do what he/she wants?
Does your partner express extreme opinions about others (e.g., “they’re the best” or “they’re horrible”)?
Does your partner suffer from depression, mood swings, or periods of extreme fatigue?
Did your partner warn you early in the relationship that he/she had a troubled life?
Is your partner perpetually the victim, claiming that the problems in his/her life are someone else’s fault?
Does your partner harbor old grudges?
Does your partner struggle to apologize or quickly shift the focus to something you did wrong?

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