BTGO Legal Abuse Support Group

Our private, secure meetings are on Sundays at noon ET on Zoom.


BTGO Legal Abuse Support Group


Do you feel like the legal system you turned to for relief has instead become another weapon that is being used against you?


Has this whole experience been causing you psychological, emotional, and – in particular – financial devastation?

What is Legal Abuse?

Forcing a survivor to spend time, money, and emotional resources responding to a legal action provides a means for the abuser to assert power and control over a domestic violence survivor long after a relationship has ended.

The terms “abusive litigation” or “legal abuse” include the misuse of court proceedings by abusers to control, harass, intimidate, coerce, and/or impoverish survivors.*

Tens of thousands of people in the United States are victims of this kind of abuse, and it is a frightening and lonely experience.

By joining a legal abuse support group, you will get much-needed emotional support and professional guidance when you need more strength than ever.

Should I Join?

This group is for you if you are dealing with someone in the legal system who:

  • Won’t cooperate with the divorce process
  • Is seeking primary or sole custody as punishment or retaliation against you
  • Files repeated motions to modify existing orders
  • Files meritless motions against you
  • Portrays you as an unfit parent
  • Fails to comply with court orders, especially those in an agreement or mediation negotiation

Anyone who needs an understanding ear because everyone else is sick of hearing about it should join this group!