Chris and Lisa were both in long-term relationships/marriages with narcissists (a total of 34 years.) We know. We felt EXACTLY the same way.

You’re right: it’s a huge problem, and it’s probably going to take a long time and a lot of effort to get through it.

BUT, you CAN get through it, and, with our help, you’re going to do it faster, cheaper, better, and with less pain.

The unfortunate fact is that the very beginning – when you’re just figuring things out – is when most people have the most frustrations and give up, figuring there’s no way out… and it’s when we can make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE.

Having the support of a community that is going through the same thing is priceless, and that’s exactly what we’re building. WE’VE GOT YOU, from beginning to end… from finding the strength to get your sanity back, to navigating a legal system that’s not designed to help you, to healing yourself and your children, to thriving on the other side, no matter how far away that might seem right now.