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Our first course, “Lifeboat 1,” which we have designed based on what you told us you need help with right now.
  • Four training modules:
    • Recognizing and Dealing with Common Manipulation Tactics
    • How to Begin to Get Your Confidence Back
    • How to Avoid Repeating the Cycle of Toxic Relationships
    • A Bonus Module Based on What You Tell Us You Need
  • Regular, secure group “Detox Talks” support sessions
  • Access to our private support forum
  • All course materials
  • A private orientation/intake call with Chris & Lisa
  • Monthly private 1:1 support calls
  • Lifetime access to all additional courses we create, as long as your membership is active!
You get all of this for only $97/month. There’s no risk – you can cancel any time.
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“A complete 180 from my marriage. I am living a life I always thought would never happen!”

“I simply just wanted to thank you for just being there for me. I cannot express how much finding your website has meant to me.”
“Every $@*#! post on here is totally relatable to everything I’m experiencing right now.
But, as the saying goes, ‘been there, got out.’ Thank God!”
“I am working on me thank you so much ❤️ thank you!”
“Chris and Lisa, THANK YOU!
I didn’t know until yesterday I was in a toxic relationship. I took your quiz and lo and behold the proof is in the pudding!”
“I look forward to the weeks to come and to learn more.
I hope this helps me to get my head around why I can’t seem to break the cycle permanently.”
“I am out of my hell and slowly getting my soul back.”
“I cannot tell you how your words and this website have been a lifeline, and I feel much stronger moving forward standing in my truth.”

“I can feel that God is working through you to help others, bless you for all the help you give people.”
“…boy did I get my eyes opened!”
“I really appreciate what you two are doing during this time.”
“…it just feels like everyone is moving on being happy and I am stuck, so a support group is what I have been looking for…”
“…and the rebuilding your life begins!”
“Well, you have helped me in great way. Everything you explained is exactly how I have been feeling!”
“Have a great new year and thank you for such a really inspiring and motivating page!”
“You have really helped me this year ❤️!!”
“I feel blessed that my internet search spree to validate I am not crazy led me to your quiz.”
“So I simply just wanted to thank you for just being there for me. I cannot express how much finding your website has meant to me!”
“Also, I appreciate both the male and female aspect of being on the flip side of abuse…”
“Omgosh I am so happy to have found you both. Am not alone. I’ve said this before but thank you!”
“Thank you… It’s been a roller coaster but hoping I’ll get it together and be able to say it’s all in the past, smile, and get ‘me’ back.
You guys are truly amazing!”
Thanks so much for your support. The work you do is so important!
“What kept me strong was keep telling myself that ‘ignorance is bliss,’ but this article basically gave me the closure I needed.”
“This message came at the most appropriate time in my life!
Thank you for doing what you do. It is so important to so many, many women, men, children, and parents of abuse that is so prevalent.”