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If you are in a toxic relationship with a high-conflict partner, we can help you navigate the treacherous process of coming to grips with your predicament, getting out, and reclaiming your life, all with the least possible emotional and financial damage to you and your children.

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If you think we might be able to help you, send us an email or pick up the phone. If we spend about 20 minutes talking, we should be able to figure out if it makes sense to meet in person. And while you’re here, be sure to take our quiz… the results may make your jaw drop.


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If it appears that you face issues that we specialize in, we’ll meet (ideally in person) for one to two hours. We charge a fee for this meeting, and you’ll find it both time and money well-spent, whether or not we continue to work together.


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If we can help you and you want our help, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Our guidance can potentially have a huge impact as you navigate these treacherous waters. We’ve been there, we got out, and we want to help you get to your own bright future.


[t_ctitle t_ctitle_title1=”Understand the Risks” t_ctitle_title1_heading=”custom-title” t_ctitle_title1_custom_font_set=”body-font” t_ctitle_title1_custom_font_size=”60px” t_ctitle_title1_custom_font_line_height=”85px” t_ctitle_title1_font_weight=”400″ t_ctitle_title1_color=”#ffffff” t_ctitle_title2_set=”yes” t_ctitle_title2=”of a high-conflict divorce” t_ctitle_title2_heading=”custom-title” t_ctitle_title2_custom_font_set=”body-font” t_ctitle_title2_custom_font_size=”35px” t_ctitle_title2_font_weight=”400″ t_ctitle_title2_color=”#ffffff”]

Being in, and getting out of, a marriage with a high-conflict partner can be incredibly destructive. It can take years longer and cost far more than a “normal” divorce. It’s critical to understand the risks as early in the process as you can.

[t_iwt iwt_title=”A Cycle of Misery” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-chain-broken” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]Being married to a high-conflict partner is a miserable way to live. You may have suffered trauma similar to PTSD. You may have experienced infidelity, stealing, and/or physical abuse. You almost certainly are being abused emotionally. It’s not OK, and it’s not going to change.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”Physical Danger” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-exclamation-triangle” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]In some cases, high-conflict personalities can pose a physical danger to you or your children. If you feel your personal safety may be at risk, you need to act. Now. Get yourself and your children to safety. Call us later.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”Unfavorable Legal Outcome” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-gavel” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]Unfortunately, our courts are not built to deal with high-conflict divorces. In fact, the aggressive and combative nature of high-conflict people is frequently and tragically rewarded in the legal system.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”Wasted Money” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-money” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]Getting away from a high-conflict partner can cause extreme financial duress. Legal expenses can spiral out of control, for your lawyer and for other needed professionals. Your partner may get an outcome that cripples you financially. Before that, you might waste huge sums on marriage counseling. And before that, your partner may have wasted or hidden money or amassed debts.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”Wasted Time” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-calendar” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]You may only now be waking up to the fact that you have lost years of your life in a miserable marriage. If you delay taking decisive action, you only compound the problem. Getting out is going to take time, and the longer you wait the longer it will be until you can find your center and start living your authentic life.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”The Threat to Kids” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-child” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]High-conflict personalities are extremely damaging to children. Getting out gives you the best chance to raise healthy kids in your own safe environment, even if your partner has custody part of the time. Staying in your marriage models that this behavior and conflict are OK – even normal, making it more likely that your kids will fall victim to high-conflict partners as adults.[/t_iwt]
[t_iwt iwt_title=”Quality of Life “After“” iwt_icon_position=”left” iwt_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-envira” iwt_icon_size=”ico-big” iwt_icon_color=”#0277bd” iwt_border=”yes” iwt_border_color=”#0277bd”]Your bright future awaits. But getting out and getting to that future can be a harrowing experience, and the end of your marriage, if you have kids, is only the beginning of a new chapter of managing your high-conflict relationship.[/t_iwt]
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[t_team team_name=”Chris Barry” team_name_title_set=”yes” team_name_heading=”h3″ team_position=”High-Conflict Divorce Survivor” team_position_title_set=”yes” team_position_heading=”h4″ team_position_color=”#555555″ team_image_size=”infopress-fm-fixed-column3″ team_social_icon_1=”no” team_social_icon_2=”no” team_social_icon_3=”no” team_image=”2475″ team_name_color=”#4472c4″]

I was in a relationship with a high-conflict partner for fourteen years. My divorce took three years and cost more than $300,000, and at least half of that time and money was wasted. I was so naive. I just did not understand what I was up against. However, once I learned how to manage my high-conflict divorce, I was able to overcome great odds and achieve a favorable legal outcome that protects my role as a loving father of my two sons.


[t_team team_name=”Lisa Johnson” team_name_title_set=”yes” team_name_heading=”h3″ team_position=”High-Conflict Divorce Survivor” team_position_title_set=”yes” team_position_heading=”h4″ team_position_color=”#555555″ team_image_size=”infopress-fm-fixed-column3″ team_social_icon_1=”no” team_social_icon_2=”no” team_social_icon_3=”no” team_image=”2587″ team_name_color=”#4472c4″]

I was married for nearly eighteen years my best friend, or so I thought, and never imagined I would get a divorce. My parents have been married for over fifty years! After discovering my husband’s web of lies and deceit, I clung to the belief that it was necessary to keep the family together at all costs. Big mistake. When the split became inevitable, what I thought would be finished peacefully within a couple months took a full year of major battle. After truly grasping the nature of what I was dealing with, I was able to get support, avoid trial and help my kids through a very difficult time. Today, after what could have been devastating circumstances, my children and I are thriving!


We are not attorneys…

…but we understand the legal issues that are likely to arise and be more difficult than they need to be. We can help you use your legal advisers more efficiently and effectively.

If you’ve got the issues we specialize in, you need help. Your family, friends, attorney, even your therapist may not understand what you’re dealing with. We can help!

We are not therapists…

…but we understand the painful emotional challenges of high-conflict relationships. We can help you understand your partner’s logic-defying behavior and find your center for your struggle to come.