What would you do to have

some peace in your life?

Being in a marriage with a high-conflict partner

can be devastating to you and your children.

If you’ve had enough suffering, you need to wake up… and get out.

Take a Deep Breath

We’ve been there... we understand... and we can help.

Assess your situation

If your partner is high-conflict, the cause may be a mental health issue, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Assess your situation with our online quiz.

Know the risks

Being in – and getting out of – a marriage to a high-conflict partner is fraught with peril. Understanding the danger you may be in is a critical step.

Take action

If you are in a toxic marriage to a high-conflict partner, and you want to save yourself and your children from permanent harm, you need to wake up… and get out.

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Get Over the Hurdles

Overcoming denial

For many, coming to understand that the situation has become intolerable is the biggest hurdle.

Understanding the nature & severity of your predicament

Despite the proliferation of high-conflict mental health problems (e.g., Narcissism) in our society, most people don’t really understand these issues.

Avoiding ineffective solutions

Narcissists cannot be “cured,” and investing yourself in counseling or couples therapy delays a true solution and causes more pain.

Accepting that your partner is actually your adversary

It can be so hard to realize that the partner you love is really your (extremely cunning & dangerous) enemy… but you have to do it.

Building your support network

You will need support, but friends & family – and even many therapists – will not understand why your divorce is different.

Planning & committing to act

Developing your plan to get out without escalating the conflict in your home is a crucial challenge.

Overcoming their devious tricks to keep you

Your toxic partner may have a wide range of tactics they use to keep you in their abusive clutches. You have work to do to overcome them!

Navigating a legal system that's not designed to help you

Shockingly, over-burdened courts and unaware attorneys are not likely to understand your high-conflict divorce.

Building your new life

You may have completely lost your center – Narcissists skillfully do that to their victims. But you can get it back… and soar!

Are you ready to talk with someone who will understand?



Chris Barry

High-Conflict Divorce Survivor

email: Chris@BeenThereGotOut.com

Lisa Johnson

High-Conflict Divorce Survivor

email: Lisa@BeenThereGotOut.com



I can’t thank you and Chris enough… I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have you guys.


If you had asked me in December if I would be up to this task, I would have said, “I don’t know.” After what I’ve been through and survived the last six months, I know I am!


Work is getting much easier to focus on again… also I think the realization that my life will be much better and far less chaotic without her, has been calming, almost sobering.

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